Clay Owen Studios

Center for lost art forms!

We have moved to 7721 Schoon Street Unit 2 Anchorage AK 99518. We are located on the same road as the Dimond Red Robin near King Street. Stop by and see the new digs!

Class Structure at the Studio

Our studio involves classes that require a lot of tools and equipment. The studio hopes to be more of a community center than a small business where adults can share the cost of these expenses and have someone to help maintain the facilities. 

One Time Classes- The studio offers one time introductory classes to allow students to try an art form to see if it's something they would like to continue doing. 

Workshops- The next step in your art experience would be to take a class set which normally consists of three two hour classes held one a week. This will allow you time to learn the tricks of the trade and will enable you to practice the art form independently. Class Sets Page. 

Memberships- Finally you will be ready for a membership. Memberships are for those that can prove their ability to work with the equipment in the studio and wish to walk in anytime to use the equipment. Please see our membership page for more details on this option. Membership page.

Stained Glass Classes- These classes are at least four hours long as stained glass is a very involved process. The studio will supply all the supplies including glass, copper foil, solder, and flux as well as provide cutting, soldering, and grinding tools. Once students take the beginner class they can rent the student monthly and purchase their own supplies to work on a larger pattern. Or they can take a three class set for intermediate students.  Stained Glass Class Page. 

Welcome to the Studio!

It is the mission of our studio to bring artists and student's together in our Anchorage community. We believe is the healing and relaxing power of art. We hope that you have a good experience here. Currently we offer many different class options but remember that art does take time and dedication.  We are a small business and hope to meet your scheduling need. Please take a look around and contact us if you have any questions! 

Thank you- Autumn 

Hand Built Pottery- These classes are recommended for children under the age of 16 who are not yet old enough to use the pottery wheels. With hand built pottery students can add decals using molds, add textures using rollers, and still accomplish products similar to those on the wheel with much greater ease. 

Watercolor Classes- Our watercolor classes are a fun way to start out with the medium. We host adult and children's classes as well as mixed classes where families can attend together. These classes are two hours long and supplies are included. Please see our watercolor page for more details and even for watercolor tips!

Wheel Thrown Pottery- Our most popular class is our wheel thrown pottery class. The introductory class is an hour long. We keep our classes small and generally students finish two projects a piece and come back to practice. Wheel thrown pottery takes a lot of practice. If you like your class we recommend you take several classes before signing up for a membership where you can practice the skills learned in class. 

Mosaics- The studio offers mosaics for both adults and children ages 8+. These classes involve cutting tiles, gluing them, and grouting them. The studio provides many precut shapes including polar bears, brown bears, moose, halibut, and salmon. If you would like to advance you can take a mosaic workshop where students try out 3D mosaic projects. 

Partnering with Schools- Clay Owen Studios also hosts many workshops for universities, schools, charter schools,  girl scout groups, and work groups. Since our classes are small we require advanced notice to accommodate larger groups. Please see our group and school pricing page. The studio hope to not only be a fun place but an educational experience for everyone.