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Clay Yarn Bowl Class-$65.00

Description: During this class students will be given a pre-made bowl base. Using a clay knife they will cut either a hole or a notch to allow their yarn to exit the bowl. Students will spend the remainder of class decorating their bowl using
impression molds, sculpting, and texture tools.Please note that our individual classes are often featured in our workshops and offered at a group discount. 
Duration: One Hour
Visits Required: One to make, one to glaze, one to put together and pick up
Age Limit: Ages 6 and Up
Price Includes: Clay, Glazing, and Firing
Restrictions: All children under the age of sixteen must be accompanied by an adult for the duration of their visit.
Payment and Scheduling: All students must pay in advance in order to make a reservation. They must present their printed conformation at the time of their appointment. Cancellation must be given within twenty four hours of class otherwise no refund will be given.
Glazing and Firing: Projects will take a week to a week and a half to be fired after which point students will receive a phone call. If they do not receive a phone call it is their responsibility to call and notify the studio.
Studio Rules: All projects must have name, no named projects will not be fired. The success of a project in the kiln is not guaranteed. Due to air and moisture some products do not turn out, in which case the studio will try to mend the project however no refund will be given if it can not be fixed.