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Hello Everyone. I own a small art studio in Anchorage Alaska. Our community is growing and so is the community of artists. There are so many artists that come into my studio. They have art rooms in their houses, apartments, shops, and garages. They have regular full time jobs but art is their sweet escape. The goal of my blog is to raise awareness of who these people are as artists. Support for an artist is not only given in a monitary sense but in support, recogntion and encouragement. Please join me in commenting, sharing, and offering artist words of encouragment. I am lucky enough to run my own art studio for the public but those who run an art studio in private should be celebrated too. This page is for all the artists who inspire me. 

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A Truly Unique Style- Devin Deuel

Posted on August 19, 2016 at 5:45 PM Comments comments (0)

When creating art in Anchorage it is not hard to become part of a particular socail circle of artists. They gather at the businesses that support the arts such as Brown Bag Sandwich Comany. One such artist even created a mural for them in their first business location and works for them currently. 

He has travled to many different states and created art in each of them. You may see his mural on the side of the Ak Alchemist coffee shop. His unqiue style in this work of art displays images native to alaska such as salmon and bears. However it is his portriats that truly give me the chills. I am not too prideful to admit that his portrayal of women's faces gives me goosebumps and I am alittle envious at times. 

You will see him at the music and art events around town. He is normally sporting a unique hair and/ or beard design which is very much his style as well as the uniquely ragged boots he wares. I only mention this becasue it paints the picture of his personality and unique artistic attributes. (Devin these are all compliments by the way). 

I visited him once when he was created a very detailed, pen drawn, work of art. It was HUGE! It was the largest piece of paper I have ever seen and it was mounted straight up and down on the wall, what looked like flood lights pointed straight at it. His forearm was rested on the wall and his nose was so close to the piece that it almost touched. The skeleton of the image was complete but he was adding in details  that would be hard to see without a magnifying glass. It is the patience this work of art had taken, even in it's beginning stages, that struck me most. 

He is now creating tatoos at the Vala Gallery on Schoon Street. Go say hello and check him out. If you like his work show the love and comment or subscribe to the blog to see more of other artists in Anchorage. 

An Artist I Love- Amy Mcvey

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Today is my first blog post. I am an artist and not always good with technology but I started this blog to learn and share. Your support as a subscriber is very helpful to me and will offer you the chance to learn about all the young talent that I see come through my studio and through the art world of Anchorage. 

This young artist is my age. A fresh 26 years old. She has helped me through hard times and has supported me when my business was young. Raising up a business is like raising up a child. I feel like you have to take love and care and energy and put everything into it. You can't leave it too long and you stress out when its in the hands of others. Now my business is no longer a baby but more a teenager. Amy was there for the pregnancy so to speak. 

When I met her she was a bartender in the service industry of downtown Anchorage. She often told me of all the wonderful people she met at her job but also of how taxing it was to be an attractive bar tender who listened to so many sad stories. I feel as an artist we are so much more effected by the emotions of those around us. If you have ever heard that artist are more emotional then other,  there is truth to that.  The emotions of others effects our art in ways we can not control but our own emotions experience more changes and effect our art more drastically. 

Amy lost her mother to cancer and during that time it was very hard on her, her family, and her friends.  She was so angry at times and when the anger subsided it was replace with sadness which is so much harder. Her paintings changed and her once bright colors turned to dark tones. Her art was still beautiful but it was diffferent. Everyone who knew her could see the her style had changed. She made it through her hard time though and was a stronger person because of it. Seeing her style change truly reminded me of how importnat art is to everyone. 

Whether you feel like your art is "good" or not it doesn't really matter. Art is an outward expression of yourself. I know this sounds like an overly emotional statement but it is very true. Its a wordless expression of where our emotions are on a day to day basis. 

For Amy art was her expression when she had  no words to describe how hard it was to lose someone. She is still a truly amazing artist and though her bright colors have returned her style is still diffferent then it was before. It has evolved in so many ways.  She is still my friend, my muse, and my Amy. 

Look her up and show the love. Amy McVey. or on facebook as she is still working on her website.