Clay Owen Studios

Center for lost art forms!

Art Gallery

The owner of the studio Autumn Tetlow is also a local artist. Her work has been featured in the Whales Tail in the Captain Cook Hotel , Kaladi Brothers, the Midnight Sun Cafe, and many other venues throughout Anchorage.  Her work is also featured in the student center at Alaska Pacific University.. She also participates in many art festival in Alaska including the Girdwood Forest Fair for the past seven years, the Blueberry Festival at Alyeska, the Fiddle Head Festival, the Bear Paw Festival, and the Make it Alaska Festival. 

At the age of 19 she started the studio in a small space in downtown Anchorage. Since she was a child she always carried a large tote bag of art supplies wherever she went. Now the studio is her tote bag! The studio operates as a gallery for her work with fresh new paintings that go up every month. She hopes to make a welcoming and inspiring art environment for students that is warm and welcoming. Her goal is to bring on other artists to help build the studio into more of a community center where anyone can go to find opportunities to learn and try new things.  

The studio features many of her works for sale in the form of paintings, pottery, stained glass, and crochet wares.