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Casting for Families and Infants

Family of Four- Square Formation $125

For this casting students will be sitting around a table and will place their hands flat and overlapping. Studio staff will pour a skin safe gel solution over students hand to construct a mold. This process will take ten to eight minutes to set during which students have to sit still. Its for this reason that students have to sit still. For younger infants we recommend an infants class for faster setting gel. Please purchase you class space and book below. If you can not find a class please let us know and we can make you an appointment. 

Infant and Parent Set- $75

For this class we recommend students bring infants having them hang on their chest. It is an easer process when infants are asleep. This process takes ree minutes to set. After the gel  has set the studio will keep the mold overnight and cast it. We will clean it up and sand it. This class does not include a mount or setting but they are available separately. 

Set of Two to Four Stacked Hands- $75

For this class students or couples will clasp helps and insert them into a bucket of forming gel. The gel mold will be left with the studio and will be filled. The resulting mold will be filled by the studio. The final product will be ready for pick up a business week later. 

Family of Five to Six- Circle Formation $150

In this class family or five to six will form a circle with their hands. They will be able to sit at a table while the gel sets in eight to ten minutes. The mold will set overnight and studio staff will sand and perfect the finished product.  This class does involve more supplies, for a less expensive option families can stack their hands and dip them in a bucket.  For this option please send the studio a message.