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Clay Owen Studios

Center for lost art forms!

Walk In Services
Tuesday to Saturday from Noon to Eight
1443 West Northern Lights Unit W Anchorage Ak 99503

Open Studio Time

Have lots of ideas for things you want to make but no space? Come in and enjoy open studio. We have nine pottery wheels, a slab roller, molds, and clay tools for you to use! Supplies and firing as well as glazing are additional costs. Download our price list for these at the bottom of the page. If you would like to come use the stained glass equipment you can do that as well. Bring your supplies and enjoy use of 10 different grinders, solder irons, 2 glass saws, and plenty of table space! Open studio time is for those 16 years of age or older and you must have a waiver on file no older than a year. If you want like to take little ones to enjoy open studio time you can do that but they must be accompanied at all times. Studio time is $10 per hour per student and must be in even hour increments. Clay can be weighed out by the pound. We don't prorate by the minute. 

Painted Ceramics

The majority of our ceramics to paint are handmade and designed by the owner. We have a lot on hand but if there is something specific you like give us a call to check if we have it in stock. These items are microwave and dishwasher safe stoneware that take one to two weeks to fire after they have been painted. We have octopus, puffin, narwhal, salmon, halibut and mountain mugs for $45 all inclusive.  We also have soup bowls $45 to $55 depending on size, ornaments as low as $5 to paint, and giant steins for $65 to $75 to paint. In addition we do have low fire ceramics that are not made by hand but are a bit easier on the pocket book. To see a full list of these check them out below. 

Make Your Paw Print Mug

Students can walk in with their dog anytime we are open to get their print put on a mug. Dogs must not be bitters or aggressive. The studio will take the print in play dough, after it will be cast with plaster, and finally it will be placed on the mug with the dogs name. Students will have to return one to two weeks after to come paint their mug and have it fired. These items need to be fired twice so the turn around time for these is roughly two to four weeks. The cost is $50 for casting and mug. If you want more than one mug it's an additional $35 per mug. 

Recycled Wine Bottle Slumping

Come drop off your wine bottles and we will slump them for you! You can make them into appetizer dishes, ice cub trays, crack trays, and wind chimes. Drop off ten bottles at a time and pick out what you want them made into. We will slump and fire them for $10 each and have them ready for pick up one to three weeks later depending upon our firing schedule. 

Firing Services

If you have items that need to be fired drop them off at the studio. We charge $1.00 per item under six inches tall and less than six inches wide. It's $1.25 per item for glaze fire. If you have enough items to fill a shelf its $15 per half shelf for bisque firing and $25 for glaze fire. The studio will load items and call students when they are ready for pick up. Student must know what temperature clay they are making their items from. Any damage to the kiln resulting from incorrect information may be charged to customers, so please do be sure to know what materials you are working with. Items can take one to three weeks to return to students depending upon our firing schedule. 

Our Gallery

We have many items handmade by local artists in our downstairs gallery for purchase. Including pottery, jewelry, clothing, original art, and art prints. The studio tries to occasionally rotate artists to include those that make stuffed animals, purses, clothing, and wooden toys. Stop on anytime to check it out. 

Scheduled Classes 

These classes must be scheduled at least three days from the class date and are available three months in advance. Check out each months scheduled page for class details.  You can schedule a class per purchasing on our site, sending a request form at the bottom of this page, or by calling 907-343-9551

Stained Glass Classes

Stained glass classes are typically offered every Saturday and Sunday from 2pm to 6pm so please do bring a snack as this is a long class. The pattern will depend on what's on the schedule. All supplies are included for these classes but students must be making the item advertised. Students must bring to class a long sleeved shirt, closed toed shoes, and a mask to avoid breathing glass dust during grinding. The studio will provide safety glasses that must be worn at all times. If you have prescription glasses please bring them. This class is for 16 years and up no exceptions. Students must not be pregnant when taking this class. These classes range from $35 to $85 depending on the size of the finished piece.  Student will be leaving with a finished project by the end of class. 

Wheel Thrown Pottery Classes

Wheel thrown pottery classes are offered as one hour intro classes for $45 per person for each person to make two bowls and return to glaze one to two weeks later after firing. As with all our projects students MUST contact the studio to stay up to date with the status of their projects. We will have to discard all project over 30 days old after firing. We also offer a Sip and Spin pottery class that is a three hour intro class for $75 per person in which students make four to five bowls. For this class students can bring food and wine. If student like their pottery class they can come in during open studio to practice or purchase a membership. 

Fused Glass Classes

Fuse glass is a lot like stained glass with the exception that glass is put into the kiln instead of soldered together. That means we can offer fused glass classes to children. For those under 12 the pieces are already cut for them and they simply have to arrange them. The firing for these items takes up to a week. Like all firing, some risk is taken when putting these in the kiln. All though we would like to ensure the success of the project it is not always possible. So we do like to let students know that in advance. However it is a super fun way to play with colors, textures, and design. We have many different fused glass projects, please check out our schedule for what we have coming up. 

Handmade Stoneware Items to Glaze ( Finished Mugs are for sale in our webstore, we ship!)

Premade Low Fire Items to Glaze