Clay Owen Studios

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Family Casting

Individual Appointments

Noon to Eight Tuesday to Saturday

Northern Lights Studio 

What to Expect

Please allot least an hour for your appointment. All families do need an appointment. We can take up to three four to six person families at a time in our upstairs space. Set up, molding, mixing, and demolding will take some time. It may not be an hour but please anticipate this appointment taking some time. 

You can pick whichever hand formation you choose from the selection in our binder. Please feel free to look up hand castings online as well to get cool ideas. 

Wait Time

The finished piece will be ready for pick up in about two weeks. If you need to order a display for it to be mounted to this may take more time ( about 2 to 3 weeks)

Age Restrictions and Class Attire 

Children must be old enough, ages 5 or 6 years up do better with sitting still. The process requires the students to sit still for at least 20 to 25 minutes. Infants/babies need to be asleep or very relaxed for the process. 

All sculptures will be dried, sanded, and painted an ivory matte. Please wear short sleeves, you will probably not get anything on your clothes however if this is a concern please bring old clothes with you. 

Sculptures of four or more may weigh up to nine pounds, this may be too much to mount to the wall in which case this sculpture will have to be a center piece. 


Mommy Hands and Baby Feet- $75

Couples Molding for Two- $75

Family of Three- $100

Family of Four- $125

Family of Five- $150

Family of Six-$175


Please click on the link below, it will take you to our online scheduler. You can make your family an appointment on our site. We need to know at least a week in advance. Payment is due at time of booking as we are a small studio and will order the appropriate amount of supplies for the demand for this class. We can not offer refunds in the even you need to cancel, with proper forty eight hour notice we may be able to reschedule you. If you have any questions please call us at 343-9551 before booking. Thank you- Autumn and Staff