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Electroforming Jewelry Class

Dates Listed Below

Our guest artist for September is my friend Kerry from Washington! She will be teaching us how to make jewelry using electricity, copper, and polymer clay! A video of this process is posted to our facebook page. This process does take time. Students may choose ONE crystal or precious stone item. If you would like an additional item to electroform. This process is never black and white but we will do our best to help your item turn out the way you would like. We can not use soft stones as we will be putting this in an acid solution. We have several dates available. The supplies for this class are not cheap which is reflected in the price. Food will be provided in a separate room where you may help your self, but we can not eat near the materials. If you have any questions please let us know! Thank you for supporting this Washington artist. To sign up you must purchase the class below. This class is $85 per person including either a pendant or a pair of earrings ( earring will be harder to make).

Saturday September 15th from 6pm to 9pm- $85 per person

Saturday September 22nd from 6pm to 9pm- $85 per person

Below is a video that we believe best described this process. This is from and the link if the video is not working is

Needle Felted Mushroom Class

See dates listed below. 

My friend Mary is a really talented fiber artist. She will be providing us all the supplies needed to make a small felted mushroom! Please feel free to bring a piece of drift wood to attached your mushrooms to. This class is about an hour to two hours, we will be providing lite snacks during class, please feel free to bring something to sip. This is an image of a mushroom I made, I do know how to needle felt and will be joining the class but not teaching. Mary will provide you with all the colors of felt you need for the class. This class is $35 and is for ages 12 and up. Please feel free to message us with any questions you may have before signing up for the dates listed below. Once you purchase your class I am afraid we can not refund you as we save you spot in the class, we are also not able to reschedule you, please understand this artist is taking the time to come to our studio, you must be present for class or you can gift your class to another person of an appropriate age but you must let us know first. Thank you for your consideration, we appreciate it!  

Please sign up for class by purchasing it below. 

Sunday September 16th from 6pm to 9pm- $35 per person