Clay Owen Studios

Center for lost art forms!

Hanging Planter Class at Bell's Nursery
Sunday July 22nd
from 2pm to 5pm
Come sit in the sun and smell the flowers all while making your own hanging planter. We will help you design your hanging planter in any geometric shape you choose! These planters will need to be fired and glazed and will be returned to students two to four weeks after the class. Students will pick a sample glaze and the studio will be glazing their planters for them.  This class is $45 per person including supplies.  Below is an image we are using as an example. This is not our original design and right belong to the artist. This photo is not the studios original design but offered only as an example. 

Adult Butter Dish Class
Saturday July 28th 
from 2pm to 5pm

In this class students will be making hand built clay butter dishes. Students will be using texturing tools, stamps, and decal molds to design and decorate their mugs. Students projects will have to be fired by the studio and students will be choosing a glaze color and studio staff will be glazing these items. Projects will be ready for pick up four to six weeks after class as they need to be fired twice. If you have any question regarding class please contact us. To attend this class purchase it below.