Clay Owen Studios

Center for lost art forms!

Memberships at Clay Owen Studios

For members the studio can be accessed from 9am to 9pm seven days a week using an individually assigned passcode.

The cost of the membership is $85 per month, additional costs include clay, and glaze firing. Bisque firing is included up to a limited square footage. 

Members can use our molds, slab rollers, and pottery wheels. Members are not to attempt to operate the kilns. If members have items that need to be fired they may list their items on our " to be fired" list hanging on the wall near the kilns. 

Bisque firing is included with membership. Glaze firing is charged by sq. footage. Each member will have their own shelf to store their projects and tools. The studio is not responsible for the safety of your tools so please be sure to take them home if you do not feel comfortable with leaving them unlocked. 

Members can purchase clay from the studio. Members may use the studios dip glazed. If they use glazes they have ordered or use glazes from outside the studio they must get them approved by studio staff before using by bringing in the original container. 

Members must sign our waiver of liability as well as our membership form. You may register and purchase the membership below. You must come in when the office is open Saturday or Sunday from Noon to Five to fill out your paperwork and take the studio tour. 

If you have any questions feel free to contact us at any time. 
We are most often with a class so you must leave us a message in order for us to get back to you. 

Our studio number is 343-9551

Memberships Include:
1. Access to equipment in the Main Studios 7 days a week from 9 am to 11pm.
2. Free bisque firing to the studio standard not to exceed 24 square feet per month.
3. Free access to studio dip glazes, must be used appropriately
4. Free parking in appropriate spaces
5. Use of all texture stamps, molds, and pottery studio tools.
Members are Responsible For:
1. To understand and be aware of all studio rules and any changes to those rules.
2. Clearly label your work on your shelf in the studio and store items in an organized manner.
3. Cleaning their work spaces completely as well as any tools.
Members can and will be assessed additional charges for:
1. Clay, tools, or supplies purchased from Clay Owen Studios
2. Locker rentals if you choose to store your items in a locker
3. Bisque firing to temperatures other than the studio standard ( Cone 5 and 6 Stoneware)
4. Damage to the kiln shelves or other members works caused by my work.
5. Additional shelf space if Clay Owen Studios staff determines that I do not have enough space for my work and tools.
Personal Risk:
1. I agree to not hold Clay Owen Studios financially liable for any injury that occur on the premises of Clay Owen Studios.
Firing Risks
1. I understand that there are inherent risks for having my work fired.
2. I will not hold Clay Owen Studios financially responsible for nay damages of my work.
3. I will pay the firing charges for all work that I have fired regardless of firing results, including damaged work.
Pick Up of Work
1. If I do not pick up my pieces within 30 days form the date they are finished, they become the property of Clay Owen Studios
2. If I do not remove work for the 24 Hour Hold shelf in a reasonable time ( 1 week), additional time will be assessed $10 per week for storage.

1. I understand that I am required to set up automatic payments becoming a member.
2. It is my responsibility to keep the payment information up to date nd notify Clay Owen Studios of any changes that would effective my payment processing.
3. I understand that payments will be processed on a monthly basis or near my membership renewal date.
4. I understand that the amounts paid each month will vary according to my account balance and Clay Owen Studio will email me a statement detailing the charge being paid. If no email address is available Clay Owen Studios will email me a paper copy of my statement.
5. I understand that no payment will be processed and no statement will be sent for any month in which I have an account balance of zero or less.
6. I understand that a credit will not be issued to my bank of credit card for any negative balance.
7. I understand that I am responsible to pay any bank charges that may occur from insufficient funds or other problems in trying to process my automatic payment.
Cancellation of Membership
I can cancel my membership for any reason. Clay Owen Studios will automatically renew my membership if I fail to notify them of cancellation on or before the final day of my membership.
I understand that to cancel my membership at Clay Owen Studios I must:
1. Give Clay Owen Studios written or verbal notice one day prior to my next membership date.
2. Clean off my shelf of all materials and remove all my work from the studio.
3. Any materials or pieces left behind will become the property of Clay Owen Studios.
Clay Owen Studios will cancel my membership if:
1. I repeatedly break the rules established by Clay Owen Studios
2. I am disrespectful towards other members, their work, or their privacy
3. If I come Clay Owen Studios under the influence of alcohol or other drugs
4. If I bring or consume alcohol on premises without consent from Management
5. If I bring or use illegal drugs on the studio premises
6. If I touch the electric kilns without the permission of Management.
7. If I do not pay my account balance in a timely manner.
8. If I enter the other areas of the studio without permission from staff.
9. If I bring a guest into the studio without the permission of Management.