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 Stained Glass Classes

The studio offers beginners stained glass classes as well as intermediate. Students must be sixteens years of age or older to participate in the class. This class is longer so please bring comfortable closed toed shoes and a long sleeve shirt. For stained glass students do have to stand for longer periods of time. Those who are pregnant must not participate as the materials we use do have lead. The studio will provide a mask, gloves, and safety glasses which must be worn at all times. Students can pick from our wide variety of glass colors. Remember because the glass is included that students must follow instructions to avoid wasting materials. Once classes are purchased the studio can not refund for the class as we must fill the class in order to host it. If students can not make it to class they can let us know forty eight hours in advance if they need to send someone else in their place. If you have any questions about class please feel free to call. 

The Process

Students will be given a stained glass pattern, typically when students are new we like to stay between five to seven pieces. Any more than that and you have a lot of grinding edges, wrapping foil around the edges, and soldering. 

Once the pattern is cut out of the paper and glued to the glass we use a scoring tool to scratch the glass and pliers to break the glass along that scratch. 

After the pieces are cute we grind, we try to get the pieces and our cuts as close to the paper as we can but the grinding will take care of the rest, as we grind we make sure the pieces are fitting together without gaps. 

Finally we will wrap the copper foil, which is tape on one side and copper on the other. The copper will attract the melted solder. Once the iron is hot we will use it to melt the solder and smooth out our lines. Then we are done!