Clay Owen Studios

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Studio Policies

Rescheduling Policy- Payment must be received before classes are booked. The studio does not refund for a missed or canceled class. As a small art studio our business depends on attendance. Those who can not make it to class can send a friend as a substitute but must inform the studio of the changes.

Please do not bring small children or toddlers to class with you. We understand that child care is difficult to find but given the nature of the studio it is an unfit environment for those under the age of six and is a distraction to the class and instructor. 

Due to the nature of the materials we work with in the studio we do not allow food in the studio. Coffee and drinks with a closed cap are acceptable.

Parents must stay with their students if they are under the age of  sixteen and taking a class.

Our minimum age for student is six years of age and up. Those who are younger than the age of six may not stay in the studio due to safety reasons.

Those who are taking a class can not take small children with them while they are attending a class due to safety reasons.

The studio has a 30 day hold policy. Projects that are left in the studio longer than 30 days will be donated or discarded and the studio will not be responsible for giving a refund in such cases.

Taking a class does not guarantee students a project. This is a learning process. There are many parts of pottery that can't be controlled by the staff or the instructors. These items can crack when drying out and when being fired. Unfortunately this is part of pottery but we will do our best to help projects turn out.


  • Students must present their voucher numbers at  the time of booking their appointment as it is considered payment. 

  • Groupons are excepted one per customer. If students receive one groupon as a gift and purchase another they can either return one of their groupons or gift it to a companion who can join them for the class. 

  • Expired groupons can not be used as in store credit towards supplies or other classes besides which they were purchased for. An example would be if you purchase a groupon for pottery for two you must use it's value for a pottery for two class. 

  • Those who have multiple groupons for multiple classes can only use one groupon per 90 days please keep this in mind when purchasing groupons so that you are aware of the expiration dates as we do not take expired groupons but do except their paid value, just not the promotional value.  No one person can use a groupon for a class more than once even if it is a gift or they are joining another person with a groupon. 

  • If students do not attend class and do not call to cancel their appointment their groupon will be redeemed as payment for the class as the studio will not be able to fill the space in the class. 

  • Groupon classes are treated as any other class would be and include the same amount of supplies and are subject to class rules and studio policies.