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Introductory Pottery Class

This class is a one hour course to simply try pottery. This is a beginners course in which each students makes two bowls. Students must return 30 days from their class date to glaze their pottery or it will be discarded for space reasons. These classes are on Wednesday and Thursday nights at 6:30pm until 7:30pm and hold up to five students. The dates listed on the below form as our classes that are currently open. We do not except repeat groupons. The limit is one per person wether it be a gift or purchased by the student. If a student comes in using a groupon as an individual or in a group they can not use another for an addtional class. Please be sure to check that these class dates fit your schedule before purchasing. Below you can register for the class but you MUST email your eight digit groupon voucher after registering if you can not enter it in the field provided. 

The studio is normally booked a week out for wheel thrown classes. When rescheduling for a class you must give the studio at least two days notice of cancelation so that we can fill the class space, if not we will have to charge for the class as we are a small art studio and need to keep our schedule full.

Before filling out the form below here are a couple things to know to make you class experience a good one. 

 1. The studio address is 1443 West Northern Lights Unit X Anchorage Ak 99503

2. Please do not bring guests with you that are not attending class or have not been registered. 

3. If you use a groupon for a class the limit is one per person. Those who take a groupon class can not take the same class again using a groupon regardless of whether it was purchased as a gift for them or if they are coming with someone else who has a groupon. 

4. You must enter your contact information correctly on the form below. If you email address is incorrect we can not contact you back or send you a confirmation. 

5. The studio can not answer the phone during class. It is best that students email us at [email protected] 

6. If we can not get ahold of you for ANY reason we will glaze your pottery for you and allow you another opportunity to pick it up. If you have not heard from the studio regarding the status of your pottery YOU must call us within the 30 day time limit or send us an email.  

7. Students may not come out with a finished product. The studio is not responsible for replacing items that break or are damaged in the kiln. This is a very real possibility even with professionals. We have not control over what happens in the kiln. 

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After Your Class.... 


   You will have to come back to glaze your pottery. Please verify that your pottery is finished and ready to glaze before you come in. Pottery firing and drying can take two to three weeks. If you are not sure if it is ready and did not receive a ready to glaze email send us a message with the names of all the students whose pottery you are checking in. You can walk in anytime Noon to Eight at our store The Stranded Starfish Pottery Company at 1443 West Northern Lights Unit F Anchorage Ak 99503. Please do check to make sure we are not closed for holiday hours Christmas, Fourth of July, etc. 

Wheel Thrown Pottery Class Set

Students have the option of taking a one time pottery class on Friday nights or  our Sip and Spin class on Fridays (It is a three hour class is which students must five to six projects each). These is an opportunity for students to try wheel thrown pottery. The Sip and Spin  is $75 per person including clay, firing, glazing, and trimming of the pottery by studio staff, the one hour class has the same inclusions and it is $45.  

Wheel thrown class groups meet on Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday nights from 6pm to 9pm. These class sessions run for three weeks. Once this class is purchased classes that are not attended by students will not be refunded. By purchasing the class below you are committing to the dates listed. Each student will be given a 25lb bag of clay to use for the duration of the class. All firing, glazing, and class time are included with this purchase.  If you are interested in these classes please message us so we can work out a schedule for you and your group.